Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Sigma 19mm F2.8 for Micro four Thirds

Lumix G2 with Sigma 19mm f2.8

A few days ago i got my new lens. Its the Sigma 19mm f2.8. Its my second fixed focal lenght for mft. I used before a fixed 19mm fixed focal lens or anything similiar like 20mm or so. I only had my kit lens which i could use on 19 mm but i hardly ever did. I have to say the the aperture of 2.8 helps alittle bit in low light but mot ver y much. I can say more about it qhen i will use this lens in aconcert shoot,  thats why i got this lens.

Recently i went out and made some Photos with it.  I have edited two of them so far, which i want to show you so you can see it for yourself how the sigma 19mm performs. Both shots are edited and the first one is a HDR.

Crossover [HDR]


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Sonntag, 18. November 2012

[Concert Photography] An cafe Munich 11.112012

I was at the An Cafe Concert which took place on the 11.11.12 in Munich, to make Photos during the Concert. I was only allowed to do Photos during the first 3 songs. At first you might think this is too short, but when you are doing the Photos, its longer when you expect it to be.

I didnt make any Post here recently becouse was busy and had to edit the Photos. Now i send the Photo to Ganshin. When they tell me which Photos i can use, i will show them on my Page. PLease do not upload then the Photos anywhere else and link my site instead. If you like the Photos much and want me to make Phtoos for you, concatct me then. After they give me the ok or the Photos,  i will make an  longer Article about Concert Photography with some tip and some review about the Concert itself.

Feel free to ask me, if you have already some Questions about the Concert, Concert Photography or anything else.

Sonntag, 4. November 2012

Photo of a Bird

This was one of the Days where i was eally concentrated in taking Photos. But i was really preoccupied in thoughts. When i saw thisBird it seemed like it was really preoccupied in thoughts , too. It seemed, that it would be a great Photo. I try always to show the feelings and Emotions in the Picture. I always hope that i can accomplish that. If not i try to make it better next time, like everyone im always learning to be a better Photographer.

Here's the Photo:

Deep Inside

If you have any questions about the settings, Post processing or anything else, just ask me.

Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Landscape / Architecture Photo / Video

This time I went somewehre i normally dont go in Munich. I went  to Munich Freimann. I discovered there an Building which looked very nice to me. I like the Landscape there, too. So i decided to make a Video there and some Photos. I Show ou first the Video and then the Photos.

Scenery Architecture


If you have any questions about the Video, Photos or post processing , just ask me. I will try to answer the questions as goodas i can.

Freitag, 12. Oktober 2012

Some Photos taken at the Olympiadorf in Munich

last weekend i walked through the Olympiadorf in Munich at the evening. I made there some Photos. I want to share three Photos of there i like. Hope y ou like them too.

Here are the Photos.:

Street Night Sky


Single Blossom

If you have any questions about the Photos, the post processing or anything else, just ask me.

Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

[Panning Photography] Driving Car's [Dynamic Photo]

I was going outside to Practice and make my Photography better. I was passing by a street where a lot of Cars where driving by. I thought that this would be Perfect of a dynamic Shot of a driving car. So i made Panning Photos of two driving Cars. To achieve the result i  used a high aperture so  i could us e longer Exposure. To get a similar result like in the Photo you have to Focus on the car and Pan on the car or anything that is your moving subject. Because then the Subject will be in Focus and Sharp but the background will look like it  would be moving and it will give you a dynamic feel and the feel of the Speed of the Subject. If you want to make Photos like this i suggest to Zoom in to the Subject or to use even a Telephoto lens . Because when you zoom in more, the subject want move that  fast and it will be easier to pan and the Background will even look more dynamic. try out some different settings like and higher aperture until you know which settings you have to use for Photos. Don't worry if your first Photos wont be that great. If you try to shoot more Photos you will learn your settings and the Photo will look great.

So here are the two Photos:


Dynamic Drive

If you have any Questions about the settings in the Photo or about the Post processing or anything else, just ask me .

Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Street Panorama

Today i was going out to take some Photos. I decided to make Panorama of a Street i was Passing by.
Here's the Photo:

Street Nostalgia

If you have any questions about the post processing of the Photo or about settings or anything else just ask me.

Samstag, 1. September 2012

One lonely Flower [Flower Photography]

One day i was outside to Photograph. When i walked around, i discovered one Flower. This Flower was all alone and no other Flowers where around. I thought that the Flower looked beautiful. So i decided to take a Photo of it in a creative way. Here's the Result.

Lonely Flower

If you have any Questions about the post processing, photo or anything else, just ask me.

Montag, 13. August 2012

Short Movie/Video: Silence

I dont only like to take Photos with my Lumix G2. I also love making Videos with. I filmed some scenes in the Olympic Park in Munich and edited it at home. Hope you all like my result. Heres the Video:

The Photo which appears in the ending Credits, was also taken by me. It is along exposure Photo with an Film look, which was  created in Post Processing. The Photo was shot on a Gorillapod tripod. Its Inportant that you use a tripod for Photos like this and a shutter release if you have one. If you dont have one make sure your camera takes the Photo a few seconds later after you release the shutter becouse every Movement can make the Photos useless. Here you can see Photo :

Passing by

Thank you very much for your attention, If oyu have any question about the Video or the PIcture or anything else just ask me.

Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

[Concert Photograhy] A (Ace) Munich 22.07.12

In the last Article i wrote much about Concert Photograhy. No the Management  of the first Band playing allowed me to use the Photos . i want to share some of them here:
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Heres my facebook for all who didnt know:

Here are some Photos:

A (Ace) Munich 22.07.12

A (Ace) Munich 22.07.12
A (Ace) Munich 22.07.12

The rest of the Images can be seen on my facebook which is written abov or on my flickr account. Please visit Kanzens official facebook page and suppport them:

If you have any questions about Photography or something else please feel free to ask me.

Thank you very much for your attention:

Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

Concert Photography [Concert: Anli Pollicino in Munich on 22.07.12]

This is something i really wanted to write about . One thing in Photography im very interested about. Concerts are one of the hardest things to do in Photography. If it is done good, it can really look amazing.
For making good concert Photos, it would be great to have a good Camera. Your best bet would be to have a camera with good ISO. I didn't have a po DSLR to shoot the Concert. I only had a Lumix G2 with the 45mm f 1.8. But for the beginning in concert Photography that's enough. It would be only good to have a good  DSLR if you shoot many Shows.
Maybe you want to know , how you can shoot at concerts if its not allowed to and if you need access to do so. I first thought i would never get access to do so, but even i did. Just ask the management of a Band,, and maybe they they give you access to do so. First try to ask Bands which play in smaller venues, because they are mostly about when someone wants t Photograph in their concerts.

The show I Photographed was the A (ACE) x Anli Pollicino show on 22.07.12 in Munich. There were playing two Bands. At first the band A (ACE) was playing. It was a really fun show and so it was really fun to Photograph it, but also hard because there was no Special area for the Photographer and there were so many People in front of the Stage, so you couldn't move at all.. No w i cant show you the Photos of the A (ACE) concert because i had to send the Photos to the management and i have to wait until they answer me and let them upload me  The Second Band playing on this day, was Anli Pollicino .This show was also amazing but a little bit easier to shoot because some People went behind after the first show, so you could move  a bit after some songs. The management of this Band dint say i i'm not allowed to upload the Photos until they give m the OK, so i think i ca show them to you . The good thing was that I wasn't limited too a number of songs , so i could shoot during the whole show. But one important thing is, try not too take too many Photos. Because at first it could disturb the people around you and your camera will be exploited more.

Many concert Photographers just use the high fps of their camera and just click their shutter and then they hope to capture a good Photo. I'm not  fan of doing so. My way is to analyze and study the Songs and Movements of the Artist before the Show and then to try to Capture the Moment. But even i make more Photos during one second, but sometimes you have to.
Now i tell you something about the settings i used. At first, the most important thing is to shoot in Raw, because then you can even shoot some ISO higher and denoise it in Post later and it looks still very good. In raw i can shoot up to ISO 2000 with my Lumix G2 and i don't have to worry about nose. But i have to admit , its still not the best camera to shoot concerts with, but the quality of the Pictures is really good. If you are looking for a good concert camera, try to get a camera with high ISO capabilities and  a lens with high aperture
Now i show you some of the Pictures i did during the Concert of Anli Pollicino in Munich on 22.07.12
i don't show you all of them . If you want to see all of them visit my Facebook or my flickr account.

Here are some of the Photos:

Anli Pollicino Munich 22.07.12

Anli Pollicino Munich 22.07.12

Anli Pollicino Munich 22.07.12

Anli Pollicino Munich 22.07.12

Anli Pollicino Munich 22.07.12

If you have questions about the concert Photos or Photography itself, just ask me.
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if you want to see the full set of images, visit my Facebook or flickr account.

Thank you for your attention.

Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Architecture Photography Part 2

Before i shared some Architecture Photos i made in Munich. I had some other Photos i wanted to edit on my PC. I promised to show them here in my blog when i edit them. So I edited some 2 of my Architecture Photos i wanted to share with you.

Architecture  HDR Photo

Architecture HDR 2
For this Photo i wanted to creat an Architecture Photo with an Film look. I edited the Photo with PS CS5 +Nik  HDR Efex Pro2 + Nik Color Efex Pro3

If you have any question about the Processing, Photography or something else , ask me.
Thank you for your attention.

Montag, 25. Juni 2012

One landscape Photo taken in the country

At the weekend i visited  a village near Munich. I walked past a river. Then i saw this House with the solar collectors. i had to take a Picture of it, becouse i had this image right in my head when i saw it. I decided to make an Hdr shoot of it because the sky  seemed very beautiful too.  After processing the Photo  i liked the Photo more then i thought i will do. So here's the Photo:

Along a river

Ask me, if you have questions about the o Photo , the post processing  or anything else..
Thank you very much for your attention,

Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Architecture Photograhy

Today i went out to make some Photos. I decided to make some Architecture Photos. I made some i like. As a foretaste i Show You one Photo in two versions. The first one is in Color the second in B&W, i like both versions very much. It Was the first time , that i went out to onlny Photograh some Architecture Buildings. IM Happy that i went out to do this, becouse i wanted always to make some good architecture Photos, becouse they amaze me very often.

Before i didnt know where to photograph  Buildings like this, so i didnt do it.  I live in Munich  so i thought to do some research these time and to look where these Buildings are. After doing the research  I found a very good site about architekture in mUNich, with Infos about many amazing looking buildings in Munich, even with the adres. So i choosed one of the Buildings to Photograph it today. After doing the Photos, i realized that i liked it very much to Photograh Buildings and architecture. I had much fun while doing theses Photos. Not everybody may like it to Photograph Architecture, but today I found out that I definitely do.

I put here the link for the site about architecture in Munich for my German readers and for everyone who wants to check it out:

Now i show you one of the Photos i made in a Color Version and in B&W. More of the Photos i made will be postet here in my blog if I find more Photos I like and when I finally  edit them. So here are the Photos:

Architecture: Building 01 Color

Architecture: Building 01 B&W

Thank you very much for your Attention. If you have Question about the post-processing, something Photo-related or anything else, just ask me.

Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

Photo and Videostory of Birds on my Balcony: [foreteaste] Foraging

What you have to know: a merl made a bird-nest on my balcony some weeks ago. I want to give you a foretaste so i filmed how the bird  found the feed fot the kippers, but he gave them sth to eat before so he has eaten it by himself. I decided to film it with my lumix G2 and i tried to make it look filmy in sony vegas and before, hope it looks good. Photos and more Videos will be postet in some of my future blog posts.

Heres the Video , hope you like it:

If you have questions about the processing of the video about photgraphy itself or anything just ask me and i do my best to give you the best answer for the question.

Montag, 7. Mai 2012

[Video] Super Moon during the night of 05.05.12-06.05.12

I dont only make Photos, I even make Videos which i upload on my youtube channel. If you like please visit it:

This time i want to show you the latest Video i made, its about the Super Moon event which i filmed in Munich  during the night of 05.05.12-06.05.12with my Lumix G2 and the Olympus 40-150mm lens. I hope you like this Video:

If you have a question about how i filmed the Video or anything Photo-related or anything else, just ask me.

Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Landscape Shots at the Olympic Park in Munich

First of all, sry for not posting  for some time. I didnt have the time to do so but now i want to update my blog more often.

This Week i made some Landscape  shoots with my LUmix G2 .. I edited the Photos On  Photoshop.

I always wanted to do some of this Landscape shoots.  I didnt edited them all so far but i want to share what i made until now. One of this Photos is kinda a street hoto snaphot which is also a black and white landscape at the same time. Hope you like these three Pictures. Here are the results:

One Tree on the way


Chilling on a Daydream

Thank you very much for your Attention. If you have Question about the post-processing, something Photo-related or anything else, just ask me.

Sonntag, 22. April 2012

HDR with the Lumix G2

One of my favorite subjects to shoot are HDR Photos. Many people i asked said that you have to like them  or to hate. Some said that my photos you have to haid or truly to love and there isnt something in beetween what do you think? leave a comment if you think like that or different. Here i show you  a New HDR Photo i made. It was shot with my lumix G2 at iso-100 and 14mm. Imade even a balck and white version of it, even i think the color version is better and suit the image more.

Here are the Pictures:
Olympic Park Munich way and trees Color

And heres the B&W version: 
Olympic Park Munich way and trees B&W

If you want to ask me something about the pictures, maybe how i made or shoot them or about the post processing or something else, ask me.

Thank you very much for your attention

Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Two Photos Shot at the Olympiapark in Munich with the Lumix G2 and the 14-42mm Lens

I was at the Olymppiapark in Munich . I made two Photos there, which i want to show you.

The first Shot is Panorama Shot of the Olympic Tower and the second one is an Architecture HDR Photo. Hope you ike them both. Here are the Photos.:

Olympiaturm München /Olympia-Tower Munich

HDR Architecture Stairs

Feel free to ask me if you want to know how i edited or shoot the Photos or if you watn to know anything else from me.

Thank you very much for your attention.