Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

[Concert Photograhy] A (Ace) Munich 22.07.12

In the last Article i wrote much about Concert Photograhy. No the Management  of the first Band playing allowed me to use the Photos . i want to share some of them here:
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Here are some Photos:

A (Ace) Munich 22.07.12

A (Ace) Munich 22.07.12
A (Ace) Munich 22.07.12

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Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

Concert Photography [Concert: Anli Pollicino in Munich on 22.07.12]

This is something i really wanted to write about . One thing in Photography im very interested about. Concerts are one of the hardest things to do in Photography. If it is done good, it can really look amazing.
For making good concert Photos, it would be great to have a good Camera. Your best bet would be to have a camera with good ISO. I didn't have a po DSLR to shoot the Concert. I only had a Lumix G2 with the 45mm f 1.8. But for the beginning in concert Photography that's enough. It would be only good to have a good  DSLR if you shoot many Shows.
Maybe you want to know , how you can shoot at concerts if its not allowed to and if you need access to do so. I first thought i would never get access to do so, but even i did. Just ask the management of a Band,, and maybe they they give you access to do so. First try to ask Bands which play in smaller venues, because they are mostly about when someone wants t Photograph in their concerts.

The show I Photographed was the A (ACE) x Anli Pollicino show on 22.07.12 in Munich. There were playing two Bands. At first the band A (ACE) was playing. It was a really fun show and so it was really fun to Photograph it, but also hard because there was no Special area for the Photographer and there were so many People in front of the Stage, so you couldn't move at all.. No w i cant show you the Photos of the A (ACE) concert because i had to send the Photos to the management and i have to wait until they answer me and let them upload me  The Second Band playing on this day, was Anli Pollicino .This show was also amazing but a little bit easier to shoot because some People went behind after the first show, so you could move  a bit after some songs. The management of this Band dint say i i'm not allowed to upload the Photos until they give m the OK, so i think i ca show them to you . The good thing was that I wasn't limited too a number of songs , so i could shoot during the whole show. But one important thing is, try not too take too many Photos. Because at first it could disturb the people around you and your camera will be exploited more.

Many concert Photographers just use the high fps of their camera and just click their shutter and then they hope to capture a good Photo. I'm not  fan of doing so. My way is to analyze and study the Songs and Movements of the Artist before the Show and then to try to Capture the Moment. But even i make more Photos during one second, but sometimes you have to.
Now i tell you something about the settings i used. At first, the most important thing is to shoot in Raw, because then you can even shoot some ISO higher and denoise it in Post later and it looks still very good. In raw i can shoot up to ISO 2000 with my Lumix G2 and i don't have to worry about nose. But i have to admit , its still not the best camera to shoot concerts with, but the quality of the Pictures is really good. If you are looking for a good concert camera, try to get a camera with high ISO capabilities and  a lens with high aperture
Now i show you some of the Pictures i did during the Concert of Anli Pollicino in Munich on 22.07.12
i don't show you all of them . If you want to see all of them visit my Facebook or my flickr account.

Here are some of the Photos:

Anli Pollicino Munich 22.07.12

Anli Pollicino Munich 22.07.12

Anli Pollicino Munich 22.07.12

Anli Pollicino Munich 22.07.12

Anli Pollicino Munich 22.07.12

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Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Architecture Photography Part 2

Before i shared some Architecture Photos i made in Munich. I had some other Photos i wanted to edit on my PC. I promised to show them here in my blog when i edit them. So I edited some 2 of my Architecture Photos i wanted to share with you.

Architecture  HDR Photo

Architecture HDR 2
For this Photo i wanted to creat an Architecture Photo with an Film look. I edited the Photo with PS CS5 +Nik  HDR Efex Pro2 + Nik Color Efex Pro3

If you have any question about the Processing, Photography or something else , ask me.
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