Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

[Video] Orochi in Munich

For all the People in Facebook i Uploaded a Video i recorded during the Orichi live in Munich.
Now i want to share it on my Website. Here it is.

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Donnerstag, 4. April 2013

[Concert Review + Photos +Tracklist] Orochi [Munich 01.04.13]

Around 5-6:PM the band Orochi arrived at the venue. After a while oyu could hear the Band practicing inside the Venue. The fans could wait to get into the Venue and it was cold outside. After a while someone from the Staff came outside and said that it'll take a little bit longer since we can get in .  LUckily it didnt take so long and finally we could get in.  A few moments later all the People where in and finally Orochi came out. I  didnt know what to expect from the concert, since  i've never seen them live.

I wasnt really into the Music and the Band when the Concert Started but after a while, after 1-2 songs and seeing them Perform , i have to say taht they were surprisingly good. Orochi didnt make their show and looked sometomes at the people, like some Bands might do, they also interacted with the fans during the concert, lokked at the camera and they even posed sometimes for it.
The venue was small but thats sometimes much better, because everyone could be in the front and see them right before them.

Like to expect the Samurai Band showed us how to to exorcise demons. That was a great moment of the Show. The y Singer played even with a flute, which sounded really great.  Ushi-waka introduced late the Band Members. He's English was really good but he apologized that he didnt speak so well  because he didnt speak English for two years. After a few songs later they made alittle pause. You could see that everyone was enjoying the Show. AFter they came back for encore they put everything into theire last concert of the Tour. So in all the Concert was really good.

After the Concert there was a signing session . And Orochi made Photos with the Fans. You could see that they love what they are doing . When the signing session ended i got outside and waited  before the venue. Most of the other Fans went home. Only a few stayed there. After a while you could see Orochi packing evrything back into theire bus. After Packing everything , they saw us and talked to us alittle bit and didnt ignore us like some Bands might do.  Thats one of the Positive things that are great about Orochi. You can see that they really like theire fand and dondt treat them like anyone, they treat them like Friends.

I dont know when Orochi will be back, but if they come back dont miss on of their shows!

Here's the Tracklist of the sings they played in the Concert in Munich:

1.yayoi 弥生

2.hyakka ryoran 百花繚乱

3.Princess Kiyo 清姫

4.konohanasakuyahime この花咲くや姫

5.kobushi 拳

6.haruka はるか

7.yunagi 夕凪 櫻

9.Gag 猿轡

10.Hannya -Invisible Demon 般若

11.Kasuga -Sunlight 春日

12.Demon Slayer 鬼裏

13.tennyo 天女

15.tenkujyou 天空城

16.tenchi ranbu 天地乱舞


17.zacro ざくろ

18.phoenix 不死鳥

19.Sun of Empire 日処出ル

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