Sonntag, 22. April 2012

HDR with the Lumix G2

One of my favorite subjects to shoot are HDR Photos. Many people i asked said that you have to like them  or to hate. Some said that my photos you have to haid or truly to love and there isnt something in beetween what do you think? leave a comment if you think like that or different. Here i show you  a New HDR Photo i made. It was shot with my lumix G2 at iso-100 and 14mm. Imade even a balck and white version of it, even i think the color version is better and suit the image more.

Here are the Pictures:
Olympic Park Munich way and trees Color

And heres the B&W version: 
Olympic Park Munich way and trees B&W

If you want to ask me something about the pictures, maybe how i made or shoot them or about the post processing or something else, ask me.

Thank you very much for your attention

Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Two Photos Shot at the Olympiapark in Munich with the Lumix G2 and the 14-42mm Lens

I was at the Olymppiapark in Munich . I made two Photos there, which i want to show you.

The first Shot is Panorama Shot of the Olympic Tower and the second one is an Architecture HDR Photo. Hope you ike them both. Here are the Photos.:

Olympiaturm München /Olympia-Tower Munich

HDR Architecture Stairs

Feel free to ask me if you want to know how i edited or shoot the Photos or if you watn to know anything else from me.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Two Macro Photos with the Soligor zoom Macro on my lumix G2

All the time i wrote everything in German  but now i switch to English so everybody can understand me not only German people. Today i was outside and I tried one of my old lenses. I adapted  the soligor zoom macro on my lumix G2.  I walked in the forest but i had no luck. There wasnt any flower or any  intresting out there. Maybe i have to wait some weeks so the flowers can grow. But luckily I found one flower and an ant i could capture with my Lumix G2. At home  I edited the two Pictures with Photoshop, here are the results:

Ant on flower

Flower Color

After trying out the Lens i think that this lens is very good. I love that i can get very closely. The image ratio is only 1:4 not 1:1 but thats still very good. The only think i don't like about it is that the lens is a little bit heavy. My lumix G2 i light but with the lens its heavy and the lens is a little bit large but not very large, but i cant expect something else from a zoom lens, and its awesome that you can zoom , because when zoom you can still get very close with the lens.

Like always you can feel free to ask me questions about everything you want and especially about the Photo and something Photography related things.

Thank you very much for your attention.