Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

[Panning Photography] Driving Car's [Dynamic Photo]

I was going outside to Practice and make my Photography better. I was passing by a street where a lot of Cars where driving by. I thought that this would be Perfect of a dynamic Shot of a driving car. So i made Panning Photos of two driving Cars. To achieve the result i  used a high aperture so  i could us e longer Exposure. To get a similar result like in the Photo you have to Focus on the car and Pan on the car or anything that is your moving subject. Because then the Subject will be in Focus and Sharp but the background will look like it  would be moving and it will give you a dynamic feel and the feel of the Speed of the Subject. If you want to make Photos like this i suggest to Zoom in to the Subject or to use even a Telephoto lens . Because when you zoom in more, the subject want move that  fast and it will be easier to pan and the Background will even look more dynamic. try out some different settings like and higher aperture until you know which settings you have to use for Photos. Don't worry if your first Photos wont be that great. If you try to shoot more Photos you will learn your settings and the Photo will look great.

So here are the two Photos:


Dynamic Drive

If you have any Questions about the settings in the Photo or about the Post processing or anything else, just ask me .

Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Street Panorama

Today i was going out to take some Photos. I decided to make Panorama of a Street i was Passing by.
Here's the Photo:

Street Nostalgia

If you have any questions about the post processing of the Photo or about settings or anything else just ask me.

Samstag, 1. September 2012

One lonely Flower [Flower Photography]

One day i was outside to Photograph. When i walked around, i discovered one Flower. This Flower was all alone and no other Flowers where around. I thought that the Flower looked beautiful. So i decided to take a Photo of it in a creative way. Here's the Result.

Lonely Flower

If you have any Questions about the post processing, photo or anything else, just ask me.