Montag, 14. Januar 2013

[Concert Photography] 11.11.12 in Munich, An Cafe: NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD III'~TADAIMA o(≧∀≦)o OKAERI o(≧∀≦)o~'

Today i was allowed to release my Photographs  i made during the An cafe Concert in Munich. I was only allowed to make  Photos for the first 3 songs, which is normal in most cases. It seemed hard to take Photos there but i tried my best. I wouldnt do it if  it wouldnt be one of my favourite things to do. I had luck that the light was bright during the concert but it was changing alot from bright to dark etc. so i had to concentrate alot on Photographing. I took not that much Pictures because i dont like it to take  alot  Pictures and then to choose some good ones by luck. I like ot more to concetrate moe on the shots an d take rather a few images but good ones.
I will only show you some of the Images as i have also a facebook Photo page where i uploaded all the An cafe Photos. On my Facebook Page you can find my Pther Photographs. So feel free to like my page if you like the An Cafe Photos and my other Photographs.  I post the link to the page at the end of the Article.

The concert itself started very good. They were in my opinion  even better than expected.  It seemed like they were trying to give their best for all the fans who were waiting a long time to see them again live.  The Concert was really fun and very good . And all the fans seemd also very happy.

Now i put here one preview Picture which i think is the best of the Photos i took there and write something about it:

Here is the Image:

Miku during the An Cafe concert on the 11.11.12 in Munich

 So if you wanna know how i took this image. Here's some info. For this Photo I used a mft Camera with the M.Zuiko 45mm 1.8 which a very good lens but one negative  point is , that it is a short tele lens which is not always very good  when Photographing from the pit. So to take this Photo i choosed an ISO of 1600 . I didnt need to go higher because i had luck that hthe light was really bright duringthe Shot so i could use a shutter speed of 1/500 and as i used  a high aperture of 1.8. I went on the right side of the pit a litte bit further away from Miku ( the singer)  to get more from  him in the shot as i used a short tele and i didnt want a close up shot of him. Honestly its hard to get shoots like this because the light changes constantly and you  the singer is moving someimtes alot. Also what is important . I chossed to Photograph him from he right not the left side, because from the lef side his mice would cover his face, which you should try to avoid. In many concert Photos i saw the singer often to be photographed from the wring side.

I know its hard to do this right during a Concert  because you have to concentrate very much to get shots like this and you have sometimes only a few seconds to do it right. So here's a tip from me : Study the movement of the Band members  by watching some live acts from them on youtube or DVD
's, or even some fa ncam videos from fans could be really helpfull if  you see some on youtube  or other sites if they are from the same Tour  and only from toher cities. This kind of preperation is really helpfull becuase mostly  the singer makes the same kind of movements or at least similiar.  during the same songs on stage and mostly on concerts of the same tour as they rehearse the their movements specifically for the songs or the tour. But if should again the same artis in some years , dont think you know their movements, they might have changed during the years and try to prepare yourself before all your concert shoots.

Now here's thelink to my facebook page where you can see all of the other Shoots from the concerts:
You can like also my facebook page if you like the Photos.o r want to be updated on my other Photographs i post there. But will try to get acces to other concerts in the future to make more concerts Photos as its my passion.

But please dontuse the photos and conctact me on facebook  if you wanna use them so know for what you wanna use it and then i maybe allow it but i cant promise it. Hope you like the rest of the Photos.

Feel free to ask me, if you have already some Questions about the Concert, Concert Photography or anything else.I will try to answer all questions as good as i can.