Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Architecture Photograhy

Today i went out to make some Photos. I decided to make some Architecture Photos. I made some i like. As a foretaste i Show You one Photo in two versions. The first one is in Color the second in B&W, i like both versions very much. It Was the first time , that i went out to onlny Photograh some Architecture Buildings. IM Happy that i went out to do this, becouse i wanted always to make some good architecture Photos, becouse they amaze me very often.

Before i didnt know where to photograph  Buildings like this, so i didnt do it.  I live in Munich  so i thought to do some research these time and to look where these Buildings are. After doing the research  I found a very good site about architekture in mUNich, with Infos about many amazing looking buildings in Munich, even with the adres. So i choosed one of the Buildings to Photograph it today. After doing the Photos, i realized that i liked it very much to Photograh Buildings and architecture. I had much fun while doing theses Photos. Not everybody may like it to Photograph Architecture, but today I found out that I definitely do.

I put here the link for the site about architecture in Munich for my German readers and for everyone who wants to check it out:

Now i show you one of the Photos i made in a Color Version and in B&W. More of the Photos i made will be postet here in my blog if I find more Photos I like and when I finally  edit them. So here are the Photos:

Architecture: Building 01 Color

Architecture: Building 01 B&W

Thank you very much for your Attention. If you have Question about the post-processing, something Photo-related or anything else, just ask me.

Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

Photo and Videostory of Birds on my Balcony: [foreteaste] Foraging

What you have to know: a merl made a bird-nest on my balcony some weeks ago. I want to give you a foretaste so i filmed how the bird  found the feed fot the kippers, but he gave them sth to eat before so he has eaten it by himself. I decided to film it with my lumix G2 and i tried to make it look filmy in sony vegas and before, hope it looks good. Photos and more Videos will be postet in some of my future blog posts.

Heres the Video , hope you like it:

If you have questions about the processing of the video about photgraphy itself or anything just ask me and i do my best to give you the best answer for the question.

Montag, 7. Mai 2012

[Video] Super Moon during the night of 05.05.12-06.05.12

I dont only make Photos, I even make Videos which i upload on my youtube channel. If you like please visit it:

This time i want to show you the latest Video i made, its about the Super Moon event which i filmed in Munich  during the night of 05.05.12-06.05.12with my Lumix G2 and the Olympus 40-150mm lens. I hope you like this Video:

If you have a question about how i filmed the Video or anything Photo-related or anything else, just ask me.

Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Landscape Shots at the Olympic Park in Munich

First of all, sry for not posting  for some time. I didnt have the time to do so but now i want to update my blog more often.

This Week i made some Landscape  shoots with my LUmix G2 .. I edited the Photos On  Photoshop.

I always wanted to do some of this Landscape shoots.  I didnt edited them all so far but i want to share what i made until now. One of this Photos is kinda a street hoto snaphot which is also a black and white landscape at the same time. Hope you like these three Pictures. Here are the results:

One Tree on the way


Chilling on a Daydream

Thank you very much for your Attention. If you have Question about the post-processing, something Photo-related or anything else, just ask me.