Montag, 25. März 2013

Concert Photography: Good Gear only makes work easier but worse Gear doesnt limit your ability

This time iwant post some neew Photos. Only a few Updates and write something regarding concert Photography because it was going through my mind since a few days. At first the updates.: I'll be making Photos during the ORochi and Plunklock concert this year and mabye some others which arent confirmed so far.

.  You might noticed that i love doing concert Photography. Im a young Photographer whos doing and trying it  to make my dream come true and to make something out of my Photographing,. So far im not making any Money with it but maybe one day there will be the one day who leads me to it. So far im trying everything to make anyone know my Photography and make them feel Emotion through it, especially making others smile. Thats why i love concert Photography . It gives the one looking at it a Memory of the Special day of the Concert. Also it give s the one who could sadly not be there also a ffeling. He / She can imagine how it could be there beeing there.  If you want to do hinest and good concert Photograhy, you have to be very good. Concert Photography is one of the things where you easily can be very good but also very bad.  The gap beetween a bad and a good Photo is high. It suffices that you do alittle mistake and your Photo can look very bad. Many People think you can only create badass looking concert Photos with Pro gear. Thats not right at all.I myself want to buy myself in afewar years much better gear than i now have.  Now im only Shooting wiht gears thats alittle bit better than beginner gear.

Yes pro gear makes work much easier. But thats all. Good gear only makes work easier but it doesnt limit your ability to creat really good Photos. All you need is ti know how to set your camera according to the Situation there. Practice a lot and prepare a lot. Yes even in concert Photogrpahy you can prepare yourself. Try watching  live Videos to know the movements so you know where to stand when during which song. Yes it may be different during the concert you attend and not exactly like in the Videos,, so you also have to learn to decide in seconds. But mostly the preparation will be helpfull.  Also learn how to compose your Images thats one of the most Important things. That will come with experience, I could wirte alot about composition but thats different for every Show.  but i could tell you what to do better when you Show me some concert Photos. you did, feel free to do so and to contact me.

Butt whats most important? For me it's knowing the Limits of you camera. Know the Limits of your camera. Many think you need a rpo camera to get good Photos in concert cause only they are good in high iso and are just better. For me thats not true. If you have  a worse camera you can make it good by knowing what the Limits are. Maybe your cmara cannot shoot above 3200 and has alot of noise above it, , then try to compensate it buy having which  lets alot of light in . Even with Pro gear you should have that. And mostly you want need iso above 3200 if you have the guts to wait for lighting and the good Moment and risk to miss some shoots. Just concentrate and be prepared then you dont have to fear a lot.
Try next time not to think you need ebtter gear , try to make the best out of what you have. Its possible, you need only to know how to.

I will post some Photos and write something more about that after making some new concerts Photos. If you have some questions just ask me. I try to answer them all.

Samstag, 2. März 2013

Short Review THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S Concert in Munich

I was again at a concert to take Photos. I was at the MICRO HEAD 4N'S  concert in Munich. Before the concert i didnt expect much. BUt  when the concert started you could feel much energy in the performance of all the Members. Ricky [The singer] was much better when i expected. He was putting a lot of afford into his performance and singing.  Also then he was talking to the fans, you could see that he like beeing on stage. He laughing very much when he talked. So did the other members too. All the fans seemed to enjoy the show . But one of the highlights was also the drummer, he was singing a Japanese folk song,  and he did that surprisingly  good.

After the show there was an autpgraph signing session.  All the members where very nice during the signing session. So in whole  the Concert was much better than expected. So if they come again next time, i would definately go again to a concert of them.

I was at the show to make again concert Photos.. Here you can see a preview of my working desk  where you can see some small previews of the Photos. Hope you looking forward to the Photos.

Preview Microhead 4n Munich Photos

Thank you very much for reading this Article. If you have any more Questions about the Concert, Photos, want to book me for Photography or you want to buy and use  some of the Photos, feel free to contact me.