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Teen Top in Europe Press Conference + Concert [02.02.13 in Munich]

On the 02.02.13 Teen Top came to Munich to give a Concert in Munich . The Tour was named: Teen Top in Europe.

The Fans couldn't wait to see their Idols. They were very loud. Sometimes a Cameraman came  out and Filmed and then the Fans were even louder. But hours before The concert started the Fans started  to be very loud. The Reason was that two Teen Top Members came out [C.A.P and Ricky] and made Photos with their fans. Teen Top posted even some Photos from the Backstage, which can be seen on the Facebook Page of B7KlAN. Around 16:30 all the Fans were all divided in two Groups. One Group was only with the People with the Premium tickets and the other with the regular Tickets.
Then a little bit later the Press Conference of Teen Top started.

 Teen Top Press Conference in Munich:

Teen Top in Europe [02.02.13]

Teen Top seemed nervous during the Press Conference but they were very Kind and answered all Questions. Ricky even had to sneeze during the Press Conference but he apologized for doing so. During the Press Conference they told us that it rained when they arrived in Munich, but they find it very beautiful and they mentioned that they want to try out the famous German sausages on the same day. They also said that they prepared a lot for the European  tour and they are very  Happy that Germany is the first Country the y give a Concert in Europe. One funny moment was when someone asked them what they think about the Fans being that crazy.  After asking you could hear the fans from the outside very loud. All the Members laughed and L.Joe put his thumps up.

Teen Top Concert in Munich 

Some Hours later the  Fans with Premium Tickets were let in the venue. Each of them were given a Present which consisted of a Poster, VIP-Pass and two Buttons. In the Hall all the Fans were searching for good Places. You could here some songs from Teen Top being Played and the fans were singing to the Songs. After a while the lights were Turned of and you could only see the light sticks of the Fans. 

Then you could see each of the Members in the Video screen. After Teen Top finally came in the whole they began the concert with their song "Supa Luv".  They even sang some Covers like Trouble Maker and Count on me. They Put  a lot in their Performances and they even tried to speak some German. In the End of the Concert you could see all the Members with some Messages  on the Video Screen which made the Fans sad because this meant the End Of the Concert. 
So in all, the Concert was surprisingly good.

Now here is the complete list of songs they sang  during the Concert in Munich:

01. Supa Luv
02. Be Ma Girl
03. No More Perfume On You
04. Beautiful Girl
05. First Kiss
06. The Back of My Hand Brushes Against Yours
07. Angel
08. Trouble Maker (Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida)
09. Good Time (Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen)
10. Clap
11. Chunji (solo stage) – Count On Me (Bruno Mars)
12. Changjo L.Joe, Ricky (hip hop dance stage)
13. C.A.P/ Niel (duo stage)
14. To You
15. Girlfriend
16. Where’s My Girl
17. Shake It
18. Crazy
19. All You Need is Love

Here is as a last resort I show you one last Picture i made during the Show:

For mor Photos [of the Concert] visit my Facebook Page:


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