Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014

Crossfaith Apocalyze now 2014 06.11.14 in Munich [Impression Video]

I was attending the Crossfatih concert in MUnich to create content for you . First it seemed that i wouldnt attend the concert but I gave my all  to be able to create some content there.

I will write in some weeks  form now on a review about this concert an puplish it here. Normally i post it earlier but due to alot of work  it will take some time but i promise it to be awesome.

I already finished the Impression video for this Concert with footage from Crossfaiths', Silent Screams' and Coldrains' Performance. You can see the Video under this Post. Share it with your friends and subscribe to my youtube channel for more content: ChristianGPhotography Youtube Channel

Also take a look at my facebook channel to be informed about my recent activities and to see some preview Photos of concert and many more:

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